First Jordan Women’s Collection is out!

Nike presents First Jordan Women’s Collection for every few selected store, including Black Box

Jordan brand applies its defiant attitude to women’s design, through a selection of new everyday items specifically for the ladies.

New Jordan Women’s Apparel Capsule Collection features a function approach to a streetwear edge: a beautiful blend of utility with high fashion influence, thinked for the strong woman, with personality and her own single body; for this reason, all pieces in this capsule are designed to serve a range of body types.

The main items of the Air Jordan women’s capsule collection are the bold flight suit and the Utility reversibile jacket, both in fresh neutrals colors: a range of greens and browns, from neon green to cargo khaki tones.

This Jordan’s Apparel collection is available only for very exclusive stores in the world, including Black Box.

Get yours on or in Store:

Rome: Via del Gambero 7A
Naples: Via Solimena 99A

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