A Russian artist named Ruslan Karablin moves to the New York in the early ‘80.

Influenced by New York’s metropolitan art and by the soviet iconography, he gives life to one of the most original and significative brands of the street culture: SSUR (the acronym of his name reversed)

Those are the years when the graffiti scene and the rise of Hip Hop take over the streets of NYC and T-shirts with printed logos and messages become cult.

New York is buzzing, brands like Alife / Supreme / Stussy / Staple are born and SSUR becomes in a very short time a well respected brand and an inspiration for many, thanks to its irreverent and rebellious style.

For example they transform the names of the most known fashion brands changing the letters order and creating CHANNEL / COMME des FUCKDOWN / GUERSACE.

On SSUR* PLUS they blend the iconic Che Guevara image with “Planet of the Apes” to visually stress the idea of “revolution and rebellion”, creating something unique in its genre.

UJ present the new collection SSUR* x URBAN JUNGLE, a collaboration MADE IN ITALY in which the newyorkese streetwear meets the Italian tailoring.

The capsule collection SSUR* x URBAN JUNGLE stands out for its style, for the use of military pattern and the total black, garments with a casual and metropolitan style, Coach Jackets, Hoodies, Tees, Beanies.

NEW ERA also joined the project producing the exclusive cap NEW ERA x SSUR x Urban Jungle.

The video was shot in some post-industrial locations of Odessa (Ukraine), Karablins’s hometown.


The complete STYLES is available in store BLACK BOX, Via Solimena 99A Naples

soon in store BLACK BOX, Via del Gambero 7A Roma, and online on BLACKBOXSTORE.COM