Nike is launching a brand new three silhouette, fusing elements of high fashion and high tecnology.

New Silhouette, called D/MS/X, THE10TH and N. 354 are a futuristic and ambitious sneakers

The D/MS/X low-top takes on the heart of the entire design process, grasping at pieces of various prototypes to form a singular DNA composed of many different strands.

The 10TH is a fusion of contemporary hardware mixed with Oregon track and field coach Bill Bowerman’s history with Nike. Suede overlays and woven profiles add a lifestyle touch with subtle trail runner aesthetics while the sole unit pushes into a more modern light.

The N.354 has an uppers don vibrant paneling with slightly translucent materials poking through to underlying textures.

Top lines are accentuated greatly with straps crossing over for amplified support.

These new models will be launched on JULY 19 in stores BLACK BOX and on