We met Naotaka Konno, the talented desiger and founder of MAGIC STICK, the Japanese streetwear label founded on 2009, havily influenced by Hip Hop 90’s culture, expressed through use of prints, oversized graphics and bold apparel.

Magic Stick has teamed with us for a special edition Tee-Shirts inspired by the cult movie “Goodfellas”, of which he speaks in the interview, including the history of his debut in the world of streetwear, when and why the idea for Magic Stick was born, and more.

  Introduce yourself and your career

Founder/Designer : Naotaka Konno

After graduating from high school in Tokyo, I worked at various retails as a sales associate and assistant buyer for a few years.

In 2001, i took an important role as an original member of NEXUSVII® and built my experience of design and product development until he left there in 2009.

Since then, I had worked in various field such as organizing events, supervising designs, and graphic and editorial designs for major brands and media including Nike Sportswear, Swagger, and Ollie magazine.

In 2010, I exposed himself and lived in NY for a few month before I established TOTAL PACKAGE Inc. and Launched the first collection of MAGIC STICK in 2011SS while I was helping STUSSY Branding Director as an assistant.

I adopts my unique experience and connection from living in NY into my design for MAGIC STICK and collaborate with various artists to curate events and special projects.

My distinctive design and creation attracts both domestic and global media. I utilized my experience and connection built nearly 20 years in Harajuku fashion industry and adopt it into superb silhouette, high quality material, and sewing technique for MAGIC STICK production.

In 2016, Magic Stick showed first collection in Paris and attracted many international buyers from all over the world and started distributing at globally renowned stockiest worldwide.

Thanks to my broad connection with many musicians and artists. I hosted PUBLIC LABO BLOCK PARTY in May 2016 with YG, SKEPTA, A-TRAK, and COZY BOYS at Tokyo Harumi Pier Passenger Terminal.

And with the success, I also organized live event with MADE IN TYP and A$AP FERG only a few month later.

My recognition among global media and sneaker mania was raised when I was selected as one of 12 global innovators to represent Japan for NIKE AIR MAX DAY Global campaign in 2017.

Through my experience organizing various events, I was assign to organize a governmental event between Japan and Russia and took charge of party and POP UP for Russian renowned Gosha Rubchinskiy.

In February 2018, I incarnated my first collaboration with NIKE and released NIKE AIR FORCE 1 VIP “TYVEK”. The AIR FORCE 1 VIP “TYVEK” were only released at selected key accounts in Japan and sold out immediately nationwide, and the night of Shibuya was swagged out with people rocking AIR FORCE 1 who came out to celebrate the release event held at a club.

In November 2018, "VELOUR" which becomes version 2 of NIKE AIR FORCE 1 VIP released. To celebrated of releasing version 2, I had the installation POP-UP which called “ACCESS ALL AREAS" at MAGIC STICK Head Shop.

It was satisfied results of sold out quickly as flash continuing from last time.

  Tell us about your experience in colab with Nike

Now I think that was a reward from Nike Japan for Air Max day. Of course, there are a lot of other Nike models that I’d like to design, but it was a very happy and honor to have design that most representative model in nike which everyone know.

It was also great to see a lot of people were lining up, purchasing online.

I wish I’d like to design it again as global expansion.

  Let’s talk about Magic Stick and SS19 collection


In the market there are tons of brands with no concept.

Brands that only follow the main stream fad and trends. MAGIC STICK ENTERTAINMENT is not a brand that can be compared with these so called "FAST FASHION" brands.

With the strong background of music, we produce products with a statement.

10 years experience in apparel, we choose the finest material, function and fitto produce high quality daily wear.

To make the items that will impress people in all genre, we took off all unnecessary details and made the design clean.

Since our designs are clean and simple, it never gets outdated. Clothing shouldn't be thrown away after the season is over. We are not making products for mass media's coverage.

Our products are produced in small numbers for small amount of people. The choice is always yours but from our collection, we hope that people will think twice about mass c onsumed fashion. Either you melt to mass or make a statement.

The Choice is Yours.

About SS19 collection

This SS19 season is the reinterpretation of Tokyo's street style in the 90's, and the contemporary art that I currently like (I don't want the artist to be famous, so I hide their name) which has influenced the coloring and images.

We're also making items that will be showpieces, but we are rethinking that they are wearables as fashion items and rebuilding classic items as brands.

The present age tends to segment according to genre (especially Japan) MAGIC STICK sets the theme of N / A with the meaning that I do not want to belong to any genre in order to make a thing like MAGIC STICK.

  Give us some idea behind the Black Box Tee Colab “Goodfellas”

Frist of all, I really adore and have influence on Dennyo, Joe Pesci, and Scorsese so much.

I also like the word of “Goodfellas” so much and have used the word since the brand was established.

The team of BLACK BOX who supports MAGIC STICK from oversea as our family, we‘re not gangstar, but having a business with family is the best.

A special thanks to Naotaka Konno for answering our questions. 

You can find Magic Stick x Urban Jungle "Goodfellas" and the SS19 Collection in stores:

Black Box Rome, Via del Gambero 7A

Black Box Naples, Via Solimena 99A and online.