Maharishi is an english label founded in1994 by Hardy Blechman, the visionary creative director of the brand, which following a work experience in the army, had thebrilliant intuition of combining the functionality of military garments

with the minimal style of Japanese ninjas.

Maharishi'sman type is strongly influenced byoriental culture, from which he borrows wisdom and inspiration to face themetropolitan lifestyle, as a true urban warrior.

Its collections are always characterized by natural fibers of the highest quality, such as hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials: all production processes are strongly oriented towards respect for nature, through ultramodern technologies.

The aesthetics of Maharishi are identifiable in the soft lines of its Streetwear garments and they shrewdly blend the simplicity of the oriental shapes with the practicality of military-style clothes: the effect is an avant-garde and functional

look, perfectly contextualized to the globetrotter's lifestyle contemporary.

Maharishi design is a brand available in stores:

BLACK BOX, Via Solimena 99A – Naples

BLACK BOX, Via del Gambero 7A – Rome

And on