Ours is a world where we can never go fast enough: rife with generalized anxiety and burnout plaguing an overworked, over-connected population.

When else in history were we able to learn a new language, answer an email, make dinner plans and walk a friend through an emotional crisis within the same 5 minutes?

Hypebeast issue 26: Rhythms Issue choices a Matt McCormick’s illustration with a cowboy as the as the unofficial symbol of the desire to reconnect with nature and wants to know how it feels when the circadian rhythms weren’t dictated by the light from our phones.

With this issue, Hypebeast wants to show what may happen, when we’re not siphoning every second of our time into a frenetic life and slow down.

This edition explores the personal journey of some characters, as Matt McCormick, the “Issue 26” cover illustrator, Felipe Pantone’s studio in Valencia, Spain, to discuss the endurance of graffiti art and creating new territories within interactive art.

The London-based Jewelry designer Castro Smith speaks to us about the processes and philosophies behind his intricately carved, one-of-a-kind art pieces.

This is just a taste of the latest Hypebeast magazine.

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