For the commemorative 25th edition, Hypebeast has focused the latest issue on the “Mania”, the blindsided obsession, the fixation driven almost to the point of madness that serve as apt descriptors for our culture of blind materialism today.

Hypebeast Issue 25 explores the different facets of mania, careers which require decades of intense concentration such as that of a chef, visual artist, craftsman, athlete, adult and young fixation in video games and football.

The cover is one of most instantly recognizable Takashi Murakami artwork, along with a resealable box that comes in three colorways.

In this new Issue, he speaks about the darker side to his works, and his journey to becoming one of the most prolific conemporary artists of today, a kind of mania about art.

The Hypebeast Issue 25 is not only a nod to the collecting and coveting habits, it’s also a tribute to the creators who make it possible.

Why do we desire a certain shoe or T-shirt? It may not be worth the 2-day lineup, or it might, but the real marvel here are the ones capable of making us act this way.


Black Box, Via del Gambero 7A – Rome

Black Box, Via Solimena 99A – Naples and online via link.