There’is something of tightly related between the summer and the prints and patterns t-shirts.

Maybe because the Summer outfits are simple, and we have to wear something fitting our streetstyle, as a slightly unhinged shirt, or so.

Below you will find eight of our favourites tees that feature everything from vintage logos, understated prints and statement graphics just in time for the real start of summer.

1) Profound Aesthetic Fading Faces Graphic

Nostalgic and refined, this Profound Aesthetic’s tee has an amazing print with a fading woman face, on a deep blue background that reminds a sea mirror.

2) Pleasures Patrick Nagel Arrested T-Shirt

Pleasures pays homage to the 80's american illustrator Patrick Nagel, and his irreverent and unique style inspired by the Art Deco. This tee has one of his famous illustration on it.

3) Maharishi H&H T-Shirt

The graphic of this Maharishi's tee is a traditional japanese print deconstructed: the effect is abstracted and reminds at the cubist art. Very easy to wear everyday.

4) Liberaiders Conquer Space Tee-Shirt

This t-shirt Liberaiders pays homage to the first manned space flight USSR and the man who made it, the Astronaut Jurij Gagarin

5) FDMTL Hummingbird Indigo Tee

This minimal and essential tee has a little hummingbird embroidery on right and left: sleek and simple

6) Ambush Scorpio T Shirt

Inspired by 90’s grunge style, this Ambush’s t-shirt has a scoprio print and a text in red on it.

7) Denim By Fragment Vanquish thunderbolt print

This essential tee has the famous Denim by Fragment Vanquish logo on a denim inspired background

8) Magic Stick Paradise Tee

The Magic Stick's "Paradise" T-Shirt has a graphic print on the back side inspired by the Patagonia's brand logo.