Clot is a streetwear label and lifestyle founded in 2003 by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon, based in Hong Kong.

The brand is aimed the bridge Eastern and Western culture through collaboration and crossover with international brands, like: Nike, Vans, Coca-Cola, Stüssy, Medicom Toy, only to mention few.

Aside from fashion, CLOT has forayed into music, culture and design: in 2006, Poon and Chen helped bring Kanye West to Hong Kong, CLOT being the sponsor for the Asian leg of the “Touch the Sky”.

Clot’s philosophy represents completely the streetwear influenced by the high fashion.

Its overview vision, although it comes from a streetwear culture, showcase its own universe, using a rich, stylish vocabulary: above genders, refined, contemporary.

The “Out of This World” CLOT‘s Fall/Winter 2019 collection is a fusion of space imagery and retro sportswear, with galaxy prints complemented by rich tie-dye and prints that nod to both aliens and sports alike.

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