1990 a young student of the Bunka Fashion College of Tokyo named Jun Takahashi, founded a fashion label inspired by the punk style; that was the birth of Undercover and since then the fashion world has never been the same.

Undercover quickly becomes one of the most influential contemporary brands, pioneering the luxury streetwear to the point of coining the adjective “Undercoverism”

Joy Division’s 1980 Licht Und Blindheit album cover by Jean –Francois Jambol dominates the collection and can be seen on multiple pieces ranging from outerwear to slip-on shoes.

Jun Takahashi returns with a graphic-heavy collection for the Spring/Summer 2019 for which the sartorial process, rooted in the Japanese tradition, is a distinctive point: the cloths are the result of intensive mash-ups which confer inimitability; they are dismantled, deconstructed and reassembled.

All-over graphics, contrast stitchings, big letters appliques and fabric patches are the common ground of the relaxed styles of this season.

John Undercover’s collections are eccentric but never show off, a poetic approach almost destabilizing; they can be evocative of archaic times and settings and, at the same time, projected in the ultra-future

John Undercover S/19 Collection

"We Make Noise, Not Clothes" - Jun Takahashi

John Undercover S/19 collection

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